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GBIC >> Software Reviews

Software Reviews are a great way to speed up the process of selecting an application. At this site, I find and evaluate applications, then provide a comparison of the applications in a way designed to help you pick the one best for you!

Please feel free to recommend an application category for review.

I include both freeware and commercial software in my reviews. I'm a strong advocate of freeware (about half the software I use is freeware).

In addition to the individual category reviews here, I also keep separate summary recommendations for freeware and shareware applications in all categories.

Most Recent Reviews
Having just started (June 2007) this part of my site in June, I've been busy deciding what categories of software to review and which applications to include in the reviews.

In each category I've identified a recommendation but will be revisiting the recommendations as I work through the review process in each category.

Here are my most recent reviews:

Software Review Sites
These sites provide software reviews, similar to the approach I've taken at this site - comparisons of competing applications.

My Software Recommendations
I've provide both freeware and shareware suggestions. I've also broken out PC Mag's Utilities, which are shareware to the extent that you have to pay an annual $20 fee to download any or all of the utilities they offer.

Software Lists
These sites have gone to the effort to suggest their recommendations for software (no comparisons here of competing programs).

Software Directory Sites
These are sites which provide descriptions and downloads of freeware or shareware, listed in Google rank order as of mid-July, 2007.
  1. Nonags
  2. AnalogX
  3. Sofotex
  4. Freeware Home
  5. Mihov Freeware
  6. Completely Free Software
  7. Freeware Web
  8. Top Quality Freeware
  9. The Free Site
  10. Pricelessware
  11. TuDogs
  12. Freeware Network
  13. A1B2C1 Free Computer Software
  14. Free Software 4 All
  15. Only Freeware
  16. FreeWR
  17. Solways' Page
  18. Freeware World Team
  19. OnlyTheBestFreeware
  20. Freeware Files
  21. FreewareFind
  22. Freeware Downloads
  23. Freeware Download Box
  24. Openwares
  1. Tucows
  2. CNET
  3. SoftPedia
  4. Jumbo
  5. 5 Star Shareware
  6. Paul's Picks
  7. Shareware Junkies
  8. TopShareware
  9. Softpicks Net
  10. Shareware River
  11. PC World Download
  12. Soft14
  13. Download-By.Net
  14. MajorGeeks
  15. Windows Shareware Hall of Fame
  16. The File Transit
  17. Rocket Download
  18. Free Downloads Center
  19. PC Download World
  20. Softforall
  21. Sofotex
  22. Soft32
  23. Allen's WinAppsList
  24. SoftAwards
  25. BlueChillies