CSED_BEENE is a modified version of the CSED Programmer's Editor, v1.03, released by Jose Roca. The modifications provide three new feature areas - Projects, Go To Procedure, and Open in New Instance.

Here's a summary of the features which have been added:

CSED_BEENE now provides a way of grouping files into projects, which may be opened and closed as a group. A new Project main menu option gives access to the new Project features.

Here are the basic operational Project concepts, as implemented in CSED_BEENE:

Using Projects

A Projects menu has been added to the main menu.

The actions taken by each menu items are list here:

File Operations

The effects of user File actions (Open, Close ...) are discussed here:

Go To Procedure

The context menu of each open file provides two new menu items, which allow the user to jump to the location of a highlighted procedure name and to return to the jump point.

If the procedure is not found in a file already opened in CSED_BEENE, then the search will continue in the *.bas and *.inc files found in the folder of the currently opened Project file. If the procedure is defined in an un-opened file, the file will be opened in CSED_BEENE and the file scrolled to the procedure.

Open In New Instance

A new menu item has been added to each file's TAB, "Open in New Instance of CSED_BEENE". For this new menu to work, the "Allow Multiple Instances" setting of CSED_BEENE must be enabled.

This option opens the selected file in a new instance of CSED_BEENE. It does not close the file from the current instance of CSED_BEENE.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following new key combinations are available to the user to access CSED_BEENE features:

Global Variables

CSED_BEENE introduces the following four Global variables: