Here's a listing of the PowerBASIC apps I've written.

Most have online Help pages, at


gbAnalyzerSearch include files for Declare and Type structures
gbAnalyzerDualSearch include files for Declare and Type structures
gbAppTemplateComplete application that demonstrates 110+ application features
gbClipOpen9Open clipboard content in PBWin9
gbClipOpen10Open clipboard content in PBWin10
gbCodeDropperDrag and drop code from library into source code editor
gbCodeIndentSource code formatting
gbCodeRXSource analysis and specialized editing of code
gbCodeWordsExtract words from a code listing (excluding literals)
gbCompareTextCompare content of two text files side-by-side
gbCSEDAddition of Project features
gbDesignerDesign PowerBASIC GUI using a mouse
gbDeleteINIRemove INI files
gbEditPowerBASIC IDE and code librarian
gbForumCodeCreate colorized code listings for forum posts
gbForumCodeLiteCreate colorized code listings for forum posts (No GUI)
gbForumMailDownload and read PowerBASIC forum email
gbHelpDotCreate shortcuts to Help file topics
gbHexViewerView files in hex format
gbIncludesJoseModify PowerBASIC IDE compiler include path to point to Jose includes
gbIncludesPowerBASICModify PowerBASIC IDE compiler include path to point to PowerBASIC includes
gbInstanceManagerControl number of application instances
gbInstanceManagerIncludeControl number of application instances (Include version)
gbNewAppCreate sequentially numbered source code file containing template content
gbNewApp_PlusCreate sequentially numbered source code file containing template content
gbPrettyPrinterPrints colored, formatted source code
gbPrintPreviewAdds print preview to any application
gbProcedureLibrarySource code analysis
gbProcSortSort procedures within a source code listing
gbSendToCreate SendTo context menu item for an application
gbSnippetsPowerBASIC source code librarian (based on RichEdit control)
gbSnippetsScintillaPowerBASIC source code librarian (based on Scintilla control)
gbSnippetsCompilerBatch compilation of snippets in gbSnippets library
gbTemplateTemplate for PowerBASIC applications. Demonstrates 110+ source code techniques.
gbThreadDownLoaderDownload threads from PowerBASIC forums
gbThreadsRead threads downloaded from PowerBASIC forums
gbThread_New Combination of gbThreadDownloader and gbThreads
gbThreadsLiteSimpler version of gbThreads
gbUpdateAdd online update of EXE to an application
gbVisualDesignerCreate a PowerBASIC app using a mouse
gbVisualGetDownload selected files from a web site
gbWinSpyProvide information about selected windows


gbBatSearchDIRSearch files for text content (based on CMD DIR command)
gbBatSearchFINDSearch files for text content (based on CMD FIND command)
gbCalendarTransparent desktop calendar
gbCatalogCatalog of applications released by Gary Beene
gbChildSafeChild Safe web browser
gbClipperClipboard monitor
gbDeDupeRemove duplicate lines/words from text
gbDockerDocks application to specified location on screen
gbDuplicateFileFinderRemove duplicate lines/words from text
gbEncryptText editor with encryption
gbFileDepotArchive and restore files of any type
gbFileMergeTake actions on files with specified extensions
gbFileViewerView text files
gbFindFolderLocate folder by search string
gbFloorPlannerCreate layouts for all types of events
gbFreeNotesNotes database
gbGridGrid with Excel-like features
gbHTMLNavigatorExpanded in-document HTML navigation
gbJournalDaily diary (ListView control version)
gbJournalGraphicDaily diary (Graphic Control version)
gbLaunchLaunch multiple applications (ListBox version)
gbLaunchListViewLaunch multiple application (ListView version)
gbLaunchToolbarLaunch multiple applications (Toolbar version)
gbMagnifyScreen magnifier
gbOfficeTimerGraphical countdown/countup timer, alarm, and time-of-day clock
gbPlayerSong Player (MP3/WAV files)
gbQuickNotesNote taking application
gbRandomTextGenerate random text. Multiple sources and a variety of formats
gbRulerOn-screen ruler
gbSayListRead a list of words
gbSearchSearch files for content (extensive feature set)
gbSearchLiteSearch files for text (simplified GUI)
gbSearchSimpleMinimal GUI search application
gbTalkTimerRemove duplicate lines/words from text
gbTextDBProvide text-based database features
gbTextFilePrinterOpen and print text files
gbWordListExtract words from documents or clipboard
gbWorldClockDisplay local time at selected locations
gbWorldClockListViewDisplay local time of selected locations


gbBlocks3DCreate simple 3D structures from blocks
gbBlocks3D_OpenGLCreate simple 3D structure from blocks (OpenGL version)
gbCloudCreate word clouds from documents, clipboard, or manually entered text
gbFoxSaverScreen saver demonstration code
gbGaugeCreate an animated gauge
gbImageLab3D Graphics laboratory
gbImageViewerView various image formats
gbLayoutOptimize positioning of items in an area
gbMCM3D Multi-Chip Module designer (electronic assembly)
gbMultiViewerView multiple files at the same time
gbPoints3D plotting of data
gbSnapperCapture any part of the screen
gbSpriteDemoDemonstration of creating/animating sprites
gbTwinSaverScreen saver with two animated images
gbRippleCreate water ripple effect over an image


gbAsteroidsAsteroids game
gbFlyZapperRandom fly movement with zapper
gbGameTimerGame timer for various sporting events
gbMazeCreate mazes
gbPacManPacMan game
gbRiderLine Rider game
gbSandSand game
gbSudokuSudoku game