The objective of the gbAsteroids game is to destroy the asteroids before they destroy your five ships! The ships can be moved about and has a forward pointing phaser with which to destroy the asteroids.

Download (v1.0, 37K)

Feature List

Playing gbAsteroids

The goal of gbAsteroids is to destory the asteroids before they destory your ships. One ship is active at a time and there are 4 replacements. When all ships are destroyed, you lose! gbAsteroids may be played with either the mouse or keyboard.

Mouse Commands

Keyboard Commands

There are 3 levels of difficulty - 10 asteroid, 25 asteroids and 25 faster asteroids.


All gbAsteroidsfeatures and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Dropdown Menu

The Settings dropdown menu provides the following options.


Application settings are kept in an INI file, located in the folder where gbAsteroidsis installed.

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