gbCalendar is a simple utility which transparent calendar on your desktop. Font name, colors, and number of vertically displayed months can be changed by the user.

Download (v1.0, 70K)

The is no GUI other than the calendar that is displayed on the desktop. You can right-mouse click the calendar to access its various options.

Feature List

gbCalendar provides a variety of features, all of which are accessed by right-clicking on the calendar.

Context Menu

Right-mouse clicking on the calendar will provide the following context menu, which contains all of the available features.

Other Comments

Miscellaneous information is provided in this section.

Persistent Sessions
When gbCalendar starts, it restores the previous session settings and location.

INI File
gbCalendar application settings are saved in an INI file, kept in the same folder as the gbCalendar application.

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