gbChildSafe is a web browser which gives a parent total control over the sites their child can browse. Only sites specifically approved by the parent may be viewed with gbChildSafe Web Browser.

The interface is designed to be very easy for a child to use - just click on an icon of an approved web site (displayed up and down the left of gbChildSafe). The child can also click on links within the browser, but unless the links are within sites approved by the parent, gbChildSafe Web Browser will ignore the click!

The interface is also designed for extreme ease of use by the parent. A password is required to enter Parent Mode, in which sites can be browsed and added/removed from the gbChildSafe safe sites list.

Further, the list of safe sites is monitored for unapproved modification. If the safe list is changed, other than by the parent using the password, gbChildSafe will detect the changes and automatically shuts down!

Download (v1.0, 0.3MB)

To install, just unzip the contents of the distribution file into a folder of its own!

gbChildSafe uses a single window, consisting of a toolbar and a graphic control which displays the track and rider.

Feature List

gbChildSafe provides a variety of features. In Child Mode, these features are available: And in Parent Mode, which requires a password, these additional features are available.

Using gbChildSafe

A default Safe List of about 10 sites comes with gbChildSafe Web Browser. So all a parent needs to do is verify that the Safe List is acceptable and then change the password. Sites may be added or removed at any time in the future.

To view an approved site. The child need only click on the site images, arranged vertically on the left of the gbChildSafe window.


gbChildSafe provides a different toolbar for the Parent and Child modes. Child Mode

Parent Mode

All of the features of Child mode are also available in Parent mode. The following additional toolbar options are available. All of these are located at the left of the toolbar.

Context Menus

gbChildSafe provides simple context menus (right mouse click) for the site icon list and for the web browser.

Image List Context Menu

Web Browser Context Menu

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbChildSafe features:

Other Comments

Miscellaneous information is provided in this section.

INI File
gbChildSafe Web Browser settings are saved in an INI file, kept in the same folder as the gbChildSafe application.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!