gbCodeIndent is a PowerBASIC source code formatting utility. It recognizes and formats a wide range of coding structures. Settings are available to manage indentation, blank lines and comments within the source code. A Scintilla-based text editor, with syntax highlighting is included in gbCodeIndent.

To load source code, the user may paste code from the clipboard, open an existing file, or drop a file onto gbCodeIndent.

Once formatting is complete, the results may be placed on the clipboard or saved to a file.

Download (v3.0, 400KB)

To install, just unzip the contents of the distribution file into a folder of its own!

Feature List

gbCodeIndent provides a variety of features:

Using gbCodeIndent

Using gbCodeIndent is pretty darn simple. Just paste in some PowerBASIC source code and press the "Format" toolbar button. That will immediately display the newly formatted code, which you can copy or save to file.

You can also open an existing source code file if you wish.

There are various settings which determine how indentation, blank lines, and comments are handled. See below for more details.


All gbCodeIndent features and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Conext Menu

The following context menu is available for the source code (Scintilla) editor. The options are standard, self-explanatory options.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbCodeIndent features:

Other Comments

Comments and suggestions are welcome!