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GBIC >> gbWare >> gbCodeLib >> gbFlashLib
For users who want to a carry their snippet database with them, usually in a USB Flash drive, a simpler version of gbCodeLib has been written. The portable version is called gbFlashLib. To use it, just copy two files - gbFlashLib.exe and gbCodeLib.txt - to any folder on your USB flash drive. Double-click on the EXE file in the flash drive to run the program. The gbFlashLib EXE file is included in the gbCodeLib distribution. but you may also download it here

gbFlashLib creates a .ini file to store program settings. The Windows Registry is not used. gbFlashLib uses default settings the first time it is run, then saves the .ini file on the flash drive for later sessions. If you want to use the same settings whenever you use gbFlashLib, then you'll also need to keep a copy of the 'gbflashlib.ini' file.

gbFlashLib does require that the VB runtime files be on the PC, but XP comes with the files and most 98/NT machines have typically had the runtime files installed for other applications, so most users won't have to worry about installing the VB runtime files (which can be downloaded from my web site, among others).

Creating a no-install version meant that several gbCodeLib features had to be dropped out but the basic view/edit/save features are still there. For example, syntax highlighting is not available in gbFlashLib.

When you're back at your original machine you can simply copy the gbCodeLib.txt file back to your original gbCodeLib folder, or run gbFlashLib and use its built-in "Copy Snippet File To" menu option to put the snippet database file back in the gbCodeLib installation folder.

Main Window
gbFlashLib has a single window, as shown in this next image. The primary change from gbCodeLib is the elimination of the Tree and the toolbar from the user interface. To make gbFlashLib a no-install application all external OCXs had to be eliminated, including the ones which provided the Tree and the toolbar.

Language / Category / Snippet Lists
At the top of the gbFlashLib window are 3 lists which display Languages, Categories, and Titles of the snippets in the database. Click on a Language to see its available categories. Click on a Category to see its available snippets. And click on any snippet to see the source code of the snippet.

The Title and Source Code of a selected snippet can be edited within the two textboxes below the three lists.

The following menu options are provided in gbFlashLib:

  • Save
  • Copy Snippet File To
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Print Snippet
  • Print Form
  • Export to HTML
  • View Exported HTML File
  • Exit

  • Click to toggle Search frame display

  • Rename Category
  • Rename Language
  • New Snippet
  • New Category
  • New Language
  • Delete Snippet
  • Delete Category
  • Delete Language
  • Add Bookmark to Snippet
  • Remove Bookmark from Snippet
  • Remove All Bookmarks (Current Language)
  • Display Only Selected Language
  • Sort

  • On Top
  • Confirm Delete
  • Background Colors
  • Highlight Bookmarked Snippets

  • Email Author
  • gbCodeLib Web Site
  • gbCodeLib Discussion Forums
  • Online Help
  • About

Search Frame
The Search frame works like it's gbCodeLib counterpart. Type in a search term to see a list of matching snippets. The last 20 search terms are saved and may be accessed using the drop down list.

Display of the Search frame is optional. Click on the menu Search option to toggle display of the Seasrch frame.

Click on a snippet in the search results list to view that snippet.

The search can be constrained using one of the three checkbox options

  • All Languages
  • Ignore Case
  • Check Within

Context Menus
The Language, Category and Snippet listboxes have the following context menu options:

    Language List
  • New
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Display Only Selected Language

    Category List
  • New
  • Delete
  • Rename

    Snippet List
  • New
  • Delete
  • Add Bookmark
  • Remove Bookmark
  • Remove All Bookmarks
  • Move Snippet to Category ...
  • Information

A context menu is also available for the list of snippets resulting from a Search:

    Search List
  • Add Bookmarks to Snippets in Search List
  • Remove Bookmarks from Snippets in Search List