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GBIC >> gbWare >> gbCodeLib >> Change History
gbCodeLib - Change History
This page provides the change history fo gbCodeLib, a full-featured code librarian, code repository and powerful source code editor with an easy-to-use interface for managing source code.

Be sure to check out the online gbCodeLib discussion forum!

  • Ver 8.5.170 - 3 August 2005
    - Fixed PrintForm to include source code editor image, copy image to clipboard and copy image to both BMP and JPG file
    - Added 'Copy gbFlashLib To:" menu option to simplify placing a copy of gbFlashLib and the snippet database into a folder
  • Ver 8.4.165 - 26 July 2005
    - gbCodeLib is now free for non-commercial use (personal and educational)
    - All registered version features are now available in the free version
    - Now highlights snippets which are manually bookmarked
  • Ver 1.2 (gbFlashLib) - 1 July 2005
    - Added bookmarking capabilities - Added Search-to-Tree to snippet transfer capability
  • Ver 1.1 (gbFlashLib) - 30 June 2005
    - Added Back/restore features
    - Added HTML export/view
    - Added Display Selected Language option
  • Ver 1.0 (gbFlashLib) - 29 June 2005
    - gbFlashLib, a no-install version of gbCodeLib was released.
  • Ver 8.3.160 - 23 June 2005
    - Added Repository features - save/view/restore previous versions of snippets
    - Added ability to drag and drop text files into the source code editor
    - Added option to startup gbCodeLib when Windows reboots
    - Added "On Top" option for main Window
    - Added new context menu 'Delete Language (if empty)' option to Languages
  • Ver 8.2.133 - 26 May 2005
    - Added gbCodeLib Discussion Forums online - Added Help menu option to go to online Discussion Forumns!
    - Now treats snippet capitalization as a change that triggers a Save request
    - Changed menu title to "Capitalize Entire Snippet Now"
    - Corrected problems with correctly displaying bold/italic settings
  • Ver 8.2.127 - 25 May 2005
    - Added option to open Explorer at the gbCodeLib installation folder
    - Separated Fonts/Colors menu options
    - Added 'Override Language Definition' to Options > Fonts menu
    - Added font information to Options > Display Information menu
    - Rearranged Actions menu to group common options
    - Corrected problem with font properties (bold/italic) not appearing correctly
  • Ver 8.2.118 - 24 May 2005
    - Added title to HTML export index page
  • Ver 8.2.116 - 24 May 2005
    - Correction to Export Language to HTML function
  • Ver 8.2.111 - 23 May 2005
    - Added option to select from multiple HTML export templates
  • Ver 8.2.105 - 22 May 2005
    - Added "Remove Bookmark" to the Tree snippet context menu
    - Corrected problem where gbCodeLib was not saving Bookmark changes
    - Corrected problem of "Bookmark All" in Search Frame not correctly colorizing snippet icons
  • Ver 8.2 - 21 May 2005
    - Added option to incrementally name each individual HTML snippet export
    - Added option to export an entire Language of snippets at one time
    - Added option for user to provide an HTML template for export of snippets
    - Color syntax is no longer applied on snippets which start with ..
    - Colorized the three sections of the Hex Viewer
  • Ver 8.1 - 15 May 2005
    - Revision to installation file that caused gbCodeLib to fail on some PCs using Win98
  • Ver 8.1 - 13 May 2005
    - Added source code Hex Viewer
    - Bookmarked snippets now have an icon separate from non-bookmarked icons
  • Ver 8.0 - 9 May 2005
    - Completely new, more powerful built-in text editor
    - Unlimited Undo/Redo
    - Split views
    - Block commenting/uncommenting
    - Code sorting (by line)
    - AutoIndenting
    - Brace matching
    - Line numbering
    - TAB support/expansion to spaces
    - Hyperlinks
    - HTML export
    - Server synchronization (registered vesion only)
  • Ver 7.2 - 8 March 2005
    - Completely revised the JavaScript section, with new tutorials, snippets and HTML page examples
    - Added feature to import snippets from HTML files
    - Added feature to copy list of titles resulting from Search results to clipboard
    - Added feature to optionally start a Find & Replace with the most recent Search term
    - Added feature where Find & Replace windows can be close with 'Esc' key (when window has focus)
    - Added feature to optionally wordwrap when printing source code of a snippet
    - Corrected Search Within to correctly display subset of snippets in search list
    - Corrected Pagebreak option when printing multiple snippets (was backwards)
    - Modified print snippet headers

  • Tweaks to Ver 7.1 - 26 Feb 2005
    - Added context menu option to put title from Search results into clipboard

  • Ver 7.1 - 26 Feb 2005
    - Completely revised HTML section, tutorials and snippets
    - Added feature that highlights import snippets with same language/titles
    - Added shortcut - Ctrl-I now opens the Information window
    - Added cancel button to Find window

  • Tweaks to Ver 7.0 - 23 Feb 2005
    - Modified Find window to search for text when Enter is pressed

  • Tweaks to Ver 7.0 - 21 Feb 2005
    - Modified import so that matching title display only shows snippets whose code is different
    - Corrected error when deleting snippet
    - Modified shortcuts - Ctrl-E now expands entire tree

  • Ver 7.0 - 21 Feb 2005
    - Find and Replace added (Ctrl-H)
    - Import matching function added. Identifies snippets with same title as existing snippets
    - Import server code list now follows the tree setting for displaying a single or all languages
    - Improved Sort (sort entire Tree or a selected Category/Language)
    - Local code can now be manually transferred to any selected Tree snippet (right mouse click on import code box)
    - Server message can be downloaded without having to restart gbCodeLib
    - Toolbar changed to flat look with mouseover response
    - Sort at Language or Category level now available. Can still sort entire tree on demand.
    - Font changes by the toolbar are now kept from session to session
    - Added Print option to print titles in Tree format
    - Added Print option to pagebreak on each new snippet printed
    - Adjusted context menu of Tree to show only allowed options - Display All or Hide options, but not both

  • Tweaks to Ver 6.10 - 11 Feb 2005
    - Ctrl-F now brings up the Search frame
    - On Exit, startup node is not saved if results of Search are being displayed in the Tree
    - Several places, made sure that selection of a node will be visible in the Tree

  • Ver 6.10 - 7 Feb 2005
    - Added 15 new menu options - to provide keyboard equivalents to mouse options
    - Added option to reverse sort all columns of Search Results list
    - Added Expand/Collapse to Tree context menu (Langauges and Categories)

  • Ver 6.9 - 5 Feb 2005
    - Added Font under Options (dialog to select any installed font)
    - Added button in Search frame to 'Place Search Results in Tree'
    - Changed functionality - Tree elements stay in view when expanded
    - Corrected problem with wordwrapping - wordwrap on may not have displayed correctly in next session
    - Changed functionality - simply changing font no longer triggers a save on exit (font change is saved in Registry)
    - Reworked code for Search buttons to get better consistency in handling Display One Node, Deletions, and All Language option.

  • Ver 6.8 - 2 Feb 2005
    - Added option to import gbCodeLib5 source code files
    - Locked the Import code display textbox (editing an imported snippet must be done after import)

  • Ver 6.7 - 1 Feb 2005
    - Added option to bookmark all snippets found in a Search
    - AutoDisplay of first Search match expanded to Display All and Display All Bookmarks
    - Information menu selection now shows number of Languages, Categories, and Snippets displayed in the Tree

  • Ver 6.6 - 31 Jan 2005
    - Added option to display search snippets in the tree
    - Added option to automatically open the first snippet found in a search

  • Tweaks to Ver 6.5 - 29 Jan 2005
    - Search frame (search term combolist) gets focus on display of the search frame
    - gbCodeLib not longer requires confirmation to change the name of a Language or Category
    - On New Snippet/Category/Language, gbCodeLib now goes automatically into title edit mode - 20% faster startup using improved sort code

  • Tweaks to Ver 6.5 - 25 Jan 2005
    - F2 will now activate edit mode inside the Tree
    - Del key will not delete the highlighted Tree node
    - Paste of rich text into the code textbox will be automatically converted to the selected Font/Size

  • Ver 6.5 - 24 Jan 2005
    - Corrected problem where drag & drop could cause a program crash
    - Added toolbar option to toggle through preset font name/size options
    - Multiple updates/corrections to VB code snippets
    - Set bookmarks on about 20 VB snippets - my most frequently used code

  • Tweaks to Ver 6.4 - 23 Jan 2005
    - After Delete, the newly highlighted snippet/category/language information is displayed
    - A snippet on snippet drag and drop (not allowed) now correctly highlights the 'drag' snippet - Import file name is now shown in statusbar
    - Code for the first snippet in an import file is automatically shown
    - By default, snippets in an import file code list are now not selected for import
    - The import snippet list now correctly identifies when the import file has no snippets to import
    - Import snippet list now shows selection even when focus was moved away form the import snippet list
    - gbCodeLib databases now open correctly with the Import feature
    - Added tooltip to the Search for Bookmark button

  • Ver 6.4 - 22 Jan 2005
    - Now supports import of other gbCodeLib files
    - Added 'Remove All Bookmarks' menu option
    - Import now opens to the last selected import folder

  • Ver 6.3 - 21 Jan 2005
    - Users can now edit language titles
    - Major change to the way that a remote database is handled
    - Sort option added to toolbar

  • Ver 6.2 - 16 Jan 2005
    - Optional selection of a remote database
    - Bookmarking
    - Import source code from language source files (VB and Perl so far (.bas, .frm, and .pl files - with more to come)
    - Drag & drop snippets between categories/languages

  • Ver 6.1 - 14 Jan 2005
    - Connecting to reach the daily message via the Internet is now optional
    - Selection of single language display will be maintained between sessions
    - gbCodeLib will now open at the code snippet that was being viewed when gbCodeLib was last closed
    - Search option expanded to allow optional inclusion of Title, Code or Keywords in the search
    - Clicking on the title "Search" will now AutoSize the search columns so that all will display
    - Improved the splitter functionality