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Main Window

gbData allows the user to create a 3D plot data entered in a spreadsheet format. Excel97 files containing the data may be opened directly or values may be values may be entered manually into the built-in spreadsheet.

gbData uses four windows. The Main and Data windows are where most of the work occurs. The Properties and About windows are used as needed.

The Main window contains the 3D display and the Data window provides a spreadsheet view of the data (Z-axis) values that will be plotted.

gbData is so simple to use that all of its features are accessed through a single toolbar in each window. Neither the Main nor Data windows use menus.

The Main window toolbar buttons provide the following functions:

VRML is used as the 3D display file format. Every time a new image is displayed, gbData creates a temporary file, 'gbData.wrl', which contains the VRML code for that image. The content of that file may be viewed by clicking on the left panel of the statusbar. gbData uses Notepad to view the VRML code. To save a copy of the VRML file of a particular display, simply call up the VRML code and use the File/SaveAs features of Notepad to save the file under a different name. Display of subsequent images will recreate the gbData.wrl file as needed.

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Data Window

This window shows the contents of the opened file (Excel97 and other text formats are supported), or of the data values entered by the user into the built-in gbData spreadsheet.

All available Data window functions are contained on the toolbar, which provides the following functions:

The gbData display is created using the lower/left cell of the spreadsheet as the lower/left point on the display. Likewise, the upper/rightmost cell of the spreadsheet is used as the data point for the upper/right point on the display.

Any spreadsheet cell left empty will be plotted as a zero value.

gbData actually support multiple spreadsheets - the same workbook format normally used in Excel or other spreadsheet. Pressing the Plot toolbar button will plot the data contained on the currently selected spreadsheet of the workbook.

With the Append property checked, each press of the Plot function will add (not replace) a new image to the 3D display. The object is to allow viewing of multiple spreadsheets at one time, although you can use Plot to the the same spreadsheet multiple times.

gbData does not require entry of the XY values. Instead, the array of Z values is plotted using even spacing (which may be adjusted by the user to get the best possible display).

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Properties Window

This window

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Shortcut Keys

If you'd rather use the keyboard to get around gbData, these shortcut keys are available:

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