gbDeDupe is an easy to use freeware application that removes duplicate lines from text. The text can be from a selected file, from the clipboard, or typed in by the user. The results can be placed on the clipboard or saved to a file.

Case-sensitive comparisons are supported. The list of duplicate lines can be sorted, or left in the order it was found in the source text.

gbDeDupe provides several pre-processing options to allow the user to modify the source text before removing duplicates - such as trimming spaces, removing blank lines, left justification and more.

Download (v1.0, 102K)

gbDeDupe uses a single main screen, consisting of a toolbar, and two textboxes in which the source text (left side) and deduped text results (right side) are displayed.

Additionally, a common context menu is provided for each textbox control.

Feature List

gbDeDupe provides a variety of features.

Using gbDeDupe

Using gbDeDupe couldn't be simpler.
  1. Select the source (file, clipboard, or manually entry)
  2. Press the DeDupe toolbar button

That's it.

gbDeDupe also lets you modify the source and result text, either manually or via context menu options. When you start gbDeDupe, the source and results text from the previous session are automatically restored.


Most gbDeDupe features or settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Select/open a text file as a source of words

Paste the clipboard content into the source textbox. This action replaces the source text.

Sorts the content of the source textbox. To sort the

Places list of unique lines, found in source, into the results textbox. Unique lines are displayed in their original order.

Places list of unique lines, found in source, into the results textbox. Unique lines are sorted in ascending order.

Copy all of the results (deduped list) onto the clipboard

Opens the SaveAs dialog, allowing the user to save the dedupe results to a file.

Case Sensitive
Uses case sensitive line comparison when deduping the source text.

Select the font to use to display source and results text.

Opens this online Help page.

Context Menu

Both textboxes (source and results) have identical context menus. In addition to the standard cut/copy/paste/delete selection, the following additional menu items are available.

Clear All
Removes all text

Clear Both
Removes all text from both the source and results textbox

Undoes the last menu operation. It does not undo manual text editing operations.

Sort Ascending
Sorts the textbox content in ascending order. The Case Sensitive setting is applied.

Sort Descending
Sorts the textbox content in descending order. The Case Sensitive setting is applied.

Left Justify
Left justifies all lines in the textbox.

Remove Blank Lines
Removes all blank lines, including those lines which consist solely of spaces.

Trim Trailing Sapces
Removes only trailing spaces from all lines in the textbox.

Trim Leading/Trailing Spaces
Removes leading and trailing spaces from all lines in the textbox.

Converts all text to upper case.

Converts all text to lower case.

Converts all text to mixed case, where the first letter of each word is capitalized, while the remaining characters are forced to lowercase. A word is considered to be a consecutive series of letters.

Remove Extra Spaces
Replaces all contiguous spaces with a single space.

Remove Numbered Lines
Removes all lines beginning with a number.

Number Lines
Add a number to the start of each line (6 numbers plus a space)

UnNumber Lines
Removes line numbering (first 7 characters from the line)

Split Lines On Spaces
Replaces all spaces with $CRLF

Split Lines on String
Replaces a specified string, entered into an inputbox, with a carriage return line feed pair. The result is that lines containing the specified string are split into multiple lines. The action is case-sensitive.

Replace non-Word Characters
Replaces all non-Word characters with a space.

Replace Text
Replaces all occurrences of a text string (on a line) with a second text string. An inputbox is displayed in which to enter both text strings.

Delete Columns
Deletes a range of columns. An inputbox is displayed in which to enter the starting/ending columns to be removed.

Truncate Lines
Truncates all lines at the specified line. An inputbox is displayed in which to enter the truncation column. The entered column number, and all columns to the right, are truncated.

Edit Word Char List
Displays an InputBox from which to edit the defined list of word characters.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are provided:

F1 Opens the online help page.
F3 Replace all instances of a string.
Ctl-B Remove all blank lines.
Ctl-D Removes all duplicates (sorted)
Ctl-M Trims lines and removes all duplicates (sorted)
Ctl-R Replace specified string with a second string
Ctl-S Sort ascending
Ctl-T Remove leading/trailing spaces on all lines
Ctl-Y Creates fake data
Ctl-Z Undo last menu action


As part of it's operation, gbDeDupe uses or creates several files, as follows:

Contains the source text, which is restored in the next session.

Contains the results text, which is restored in the next session.

Other Comments

Misecellaneous information is provided in this section.

When gbDeDupe starts, it restores the previous session content.

INI File
gbDeDupe application settings are saved in an INI file, kept in the same folder as the gbDeDupe application.

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