gbDeleteINI is a simple utility which deletes all INI files it finds in the folder where the gbDeleteINI EXE is executed.

Download (v1.0, 27K)

There is no screen, as the INI file deletion takes place in the background.

Key Features List

Key features of gbDeleteINI include:

That's it! I did say it was a simple utility. It just does one thing, and does it more quickly than the manual approach.

Using gbDeleteINI

Just place the gbDeleteINI EXE in a folder where INI exist and that might need to be deleted. Then doubleclick on the EXE to remove the INI files.

I find that having a desktop shortcut is more convenient than having to open up the containing folder.

To have gbDeleteINI play a system sound to indicate success or failure of the delete task (rather than use SAPI speech output), comment out the ReadText lines from the source code and recompile with the sndPlaySound lines uncommented. Also, delete the ReadText function.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!