gbDuplicateFileFinder is a freeware utility for finding files which contain a specified search string.

Searches may be limited to a single folder or may include subfolders. Multiple file specifications, wild card, and case-sensitivity are supported.

Line numbers containing the search string, as well as lines adjacent to matching lines, may optionally be displayed in the search result.

To install, simply unzip the installation file ( in a folder of your choice. In addition to the EXE, the installation includes gbDuplicateFileFinder source code, the resource file, and image files.

Key Features

gbDuplicateFileFinder provides a wide range of features, all focused on making it easier to find and manipulate information in text files.

Using gbDuplicateFileFinder

Using gbDuplicateFileFinder couldn't be simpler.
  1. Select the search criteria (toolbar)
  2. Enter a search string
  3. Enter the file specification
  4. Select a folder
  5. Press Search

That's it! The Search returns a list of files which match the selected criteria. Matching lines numbers and context lines may optionally be displayed. You can also double-click on a matching file to open the file in the default client for that file type.

That's it!

Alternate Displays

In addition to just displaying a list of files containing the search string, gbDuplicateFileFinder can display matching lines, with their line numbers:

Optionally, lines immediately before and after the matching lines can be dislayed to show the context in which the match was found:


gbDuplicateFileFinder's search commands are found in its toolbar (no menu is used). So going through it first will cover the main features of gbDuplicateFileFinder. Each of the toolbar buttons are described here.


The toolbar Settings button dropdown menu displays the following menu options:

Accelertor Keys

These accelerator keys are supported:

Selecting a Starting Folder

gbDuplicateFileFinder provide five ways to select the base folder.


gbDuplicateFileFinder provides a variety of options on how searches are performed.

Boolean Search
Three types of searches are supported.

Words On Line
By default, when doing an AND search, a file must contain all of the individual search terms. With the this option, the file must contain at least one line which contains all of the search terms.

By default, Hidden/System files are not included in the search. This option includes those files in the search.

Implied Search
This option encloses the file specification with a pair of asterisks, "*". Some users like to type in a file specification such as "dog" and want all files whose names contain the word "dog". A file specification of "*dog*.*" will work, but this options avoids the need to type in the extra characters.

Trim Search Terms
By default, spaces types into the search string are used in the search. This options removes starting/ending spaces from the search term.

File Spec

Specifies the file name(s) to be found. Wildcards are supported. Multiple file specifications are allowed, and must be separated by a semi-colon:


ListView Context Menus

gbDuplicateFileFinder does not have a main menu, as is often used by apps. Instead, the toolbar and control context menus provide the user with all available features.

Each of the context menu items are discussed below.

ListView Context Menu

Search String ComboBox

Name Filter ComboBox

Parent Folder ComboBox

Other Comments

This sections contains miscellaneous additional information about using gbDuplicateFileFinder.

INI File
gbDuplicateFileFinder saves all of it's options in an INI file, which is placed in the same folder as the EXE.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!