gbEdit is a freeware IDE for editing, compiling, and executing PowerBASIC source code files. It also provides source code librarian features, including a PowerBASIC library of 750+ snippets. For compilation, it uses the PowerBASIC PBWin compiler.

Application Features
gbEdit provides a variety of features designed to maximize your productivity, including close integration with standard PowerBASIC tools.
  • Compile/run within gbEdit
  • Export to PowerBASIC IDE
  • Multiple open files
  • Tab'd interface
  • Docked code navigator
  • Find & Replace (span files)
  • Pre-compilation processor
  • Split screen editing
  • Persistent bookmarking
  • Favorites files list
  • Code insertion library
  • Code formatter
  • External tools
  • Online Updates
  Advanced Code Editor
gbEdit provides state-of-the-art, powerful editing features, including Intellisense-like features.
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Line numbers
  • Greenbar effect
  • Active URLs
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Brace Highlighting
  • Indentation guidelines
  • Call Tip
  • AutoCompletion
  • AutoIndentation
  • Code folding

Many GUI elements of gbEdit are optional, allowing users to tailor the layout to their specific needs. These two images show minimal (code editor only) and maximal (2 code editors, code navigator, and results window) layouts.


Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Revision History

Here are some of the more recent changes.