gbFindFolder locates any folder whose name contains a user specified string. From a user-selected starting folder, gbFindFolder generates/displays a list of all subfolder. It then generates a second list of those folders whose full path name contains the ser-specified search string. The search is case insensitive.

Download (v1.0, 87K)

The next image shows the main screen of gbFindFolder.

Key Features List

Key features of gbFindFolder include:

Using gbFindFolder

To use gbFindFolder, just specify a search string and a start folder, then press the toolbar Search button. Search results include a list of all subfolders and a separate list of those subfolders whose names contain the search string.

A starting folder selection dialog is available from the toolbar. Or, the starting folder may be entered manually.

The 5 most recent search strings and starting folders are displayed. Double-click any of the history items to place the item in current search controls.

That's it!


The gbFindFolder interface includes the following toolbar.

The following options are available from the toolbar.