gbJournal is a freeware application for writing a log/diary of daily activities.

gbJournal provides very basic features - creating multiple logs, adding/editing dates to existing logs, and navigating between dates. Color, font, and sorting options are also supported. Encryption of the log files is also supported.

Download (v1.0, 709K)

gbJournal uses a single main screen, consisting of a toolbar, list of entries, edit fields and search controls. Additional. the entire log history is displayed in a scrollable window.

Key Features

gbJournal provides a variety of features that allow manipulation of the tag cloud design.

Using gbJournal

Using gbJournal couldn't be simpler.
  1. Press "New" on the toolbar to create a blank journal entry with today's date
  2. Edit the date (date/author/keywords and content)
  3. Save & Exit

That's it. All other features of gbJournal allow you to modify the display (sort/colors/fonts) or search for existing content. Encryption is allowed at a journal file level.


Almost all of the commands and settings available in gbJournal are accessed through the toolbar and the dropdown menu associated with several of the toolbar buttons.

Creates a new journal containing a journal entry with the current date. Requests permission to save changes to the current journal, as required.

Opens an existing journal file. Requests permission to save changes to the current journal, as required.

Saves the current design without prompting for user approval.

The associated dropdown menu, "Save As", allows the user to save the current journal under a new name.

Moves from the current date to the next date upward in the journal entry listbox.

Create a new journal entry with today's date.

The associated dropdown menu, "Select Date", opens a popup calendar that allows the user to enter a new journal entry for a specified date.

Duplicate date entries are allowed.

Deletes the currently selected date.

Moves from the current date to the next date downward in the journal entry listbox.

Toggles highlighting of all matching terms in the journal entry listing. The journal entry listing is not scrolled. If a Search has been executed, which results in highlighted terms, this command will un-highlighted the terms.

Directs gbJournal to encrypt files. When the Save or Save As commands are used, the user will be prompted to enter a password.

Opening an encrypted file always requires that the user supply a password.

When clicked, reverses the sort direction of the journal entry listing. The following dropdown menu is available:

When clicked, opens the online Help page in the user's default browser. The following dropdown menu is available:

Daily Journal Entries

There are four parts to each daily journal entry:


gbJournal allows the user to select the color and font of these three areas:

To help visually separate each entry in the journal entry listing, gbJournal can optionally alternate the color of the header in every other entry. The alternate header color is generated automatically by gbJournal by slightly adjusting the user-specific header color.


Journal entries are always sorted. The default sort is in ascending date order, but entries may also be sorted in descending order. Sort order is an application-level setting, so whenever a journal is opened, it's content is displayed in the current sort order setting. Whenever a new journal is created, with the toolbar New command, it is also sorted in the current sort order setting.

Sorting is done by date, using a numeric sort. So to sort correctly, dates should be entered in the "yyyy-mm-dd" format.

Journal Date Listing

Journal entries are listed (by date) in the listbox, found in the upper left hand corner of the display. Selecting an item in the list performs three actions - fills the edit boxes with the content of the selected journal entry, scrolls the journal entry listing until the selected date is at the top of the window, and fills the date caption with the selected date.

Journal Entry Listing

All journal entries are listed vertically bottom window of gbJournal. The user may scroll horizontally or vertically through the list. Clicking on the list causes the journal entry under the mouse to be selected, i.e., the date will be selected in the Journal Date Listing and the edit boxes will fill with the content of the selected journal entry.


To use gbJournal's search feature, just type in a search term and press the Next or Previous search buttons. The search does not include the currently selected journal entry, i.e., it starts with the Next or Previous journal entries.

Searches can be case sensitive or case insensitive. The default is case insensitive searches, and can be changed using the toolbar Settings button pulldown menu.

When a search is made the search term is added to the search term history list. The last 5 previous search terms are available via the context menu of the search term textbox.

Other Comments

This sections contains miscellaneous additional information about using gbJournal.

There are several occasions when gbJournal will issue a beep:

INI File
gbJournal application settings are saved in an INI file, kept in the same folder at the gbJournal EXE.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!