gbMagnify is a freeware utilitiy for zooming in on a section of the screen. It provides a variety of other features to help navigate the screen and to save the results it displays.

To install, simply unzip the installation file ( in a folder of your choice. In addition to the EXE, the installation includes the gbMagnify source code, resource file, and image files.


gbMagnify provides a wide range of features, all focused on making it easier to find and manipulate information in text files.
  • Simple interface (toolbar, but no menu/context menu)
  • Up to 64x64 pixel viewing width
  • Viewing area automatically resized to 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Optional border on color cells
  • Target pixel maintained at center of display
  • Display of target pixel color, screen location, and zoom factor in caption
  • Resizable window (increases/decreases color cell size)
  • Mousewheel control of zoom factor (sets number of cells in display area)
  • Keyboard selection of target pixel (up/down/left/right keys)
  • Keyboard control of zoom factor (+/- keys)
  • Copy image to clipboard
  • Copy target pixel color to clipboard (hex/dec formats)
  • Keep app on top of other open applications
  • Session settings saved
  • Hex or decimal formatted RGB color values
  • Move cursor to target pixel location (with cursor sonar locator)
  • Locator image, showing position of target pixel location on desktop
  • Optional crosshair cursor


There are 4 basic mouse-based operations supported by gbMagnify:
  1. Press the left mouse down anywhere on gbMagnify and move the cursor outside the app to select the area on the screen to be displayed.
  2. Press the right mouse down anywhere on gbMagnify, then move the mouse to reposition the screen target area being viewed.
  3. Resize the dialog to increase/decrease the size of the color cells (easier viewing)
  4. Use the wheel mouse to increase/decrease the number of pixels (to a max of 64) viewed in gbMagnfiy.

gbMagnify also provides several keyboard alternatives to using the mouse. See the keyboard section below for more details.

When you restart gbMagnify, it is restored to the state it was in when you last exited gbMagnify (same screen area/target pixel, same settings).

Display Area

The target pixel (hot spot on the cursor) is always displayed in the center of the display. The number of pixels displayed on all sides of the target pixel, called the zoom factor, is set to 10 pixels by default. This displays 21x21 pixels. The zoom factor of 10 may be controlled via the mouse wheel. The zoom factor may be adjusted from 2 (5x5 pixels) to 32 (65x65 pixels).

The area used to display each pixel, called a color cell, an be adjusted in size in two ways - resizing the gbMagnify window or changing the zoom factor.

When the gbMagnify window is resized, the zoom factor is kept constant. This increases/decreases the size of the color cells.

When the zoom factor is changed with the mouse wheel, the gbMagnify window size remains constant. This increses/decreases the size of the color cells.

Keyboard Support

The arrow keys (left/right/up/down) can be used to select a new target pixel. This has the effect of moving the image within the display area.

Also, the +/- buttons on the keypad can be used to increase/decrease the zoom factor.


gbMagnify's features are accessed via the toolbar (no menu nor context menu).


Here are the toolbar options:

Other Comments

gbMagnify saves all of it's options in an INI file, which is placed in the same folder as the EXE.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!