gbMaze is a simple maze generator. As the dialog is resized, the maze is resized to match the dialog size. However, the maze size may be locked using the Toolbar locked button.

The maze image may be copied to the clipboard or printed. When copied, the image is the same size as seen in gbMaze. When printed, the image is centered and stretched to fit the boundary of the printer (aspect ratio is maintained)

Maze border and background colors may be selected by the user. The Settings button swaps the border and background colors.

Download (v1.1, 72B)

gbMaze uses a single window, consisting of a toolbar and a graphic control which displays the maze.

Feature List

gbMaze provides a variety of features.


Most gbMaze features and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbMaze features:

Other Comments

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