gbMultiViewer is a freeware utility for displaying multiple text or image files - all on the same screen! A list of files is built by dragging one or more file names onto the gbMultiViewer screen, then displayed in a separate window using a variety of settings made by the user. gbMultiViewer provides several features for managing the list, including selection of which files on the list are to be displayed.

Just drag files from Windows Explorer onto gbMultiViewer to build a list of file, then Press the toolbar Display button to show all images on a separate dialog.

Programmers can integrate gbMultiViewer into their own applications. The source code is available as a PowerBASIC include file. Also, both SLL and DLL versions of the viewer are provided.

Key Features

gbMultiViewer provides a wide range of features, all focused on making it easier to select and view multiple files at a time, including both text for format images.

Alternate Displays

gbMultiViewer allows you to display files of different types on the same screen. The image below has an ico, gif, bmp, and txt file displayed:

Or, you might display all images, as in this image:

And, you could choose to display all text files:

Mix and match images as you choose!


gbMultiViewer's search commands are found in its toolbar (no menu is used). So going through it first will cover the main features of gbMultiViewer. Each of the toolbar buttons are described here.


The toolbar Settings button dropdown menu displays the following menu options:

Viewer Context Menus

The viewer dialog provides two context menus:

Right clicking on a textbox displays this context menu:

Right clicking anywhere else on the viewer dialog displays this context menu:

These settings are the same as those provided on the gbMultiViewer main screen, but are also kept in the independent viewer INI for use as the user chooses.

Accelerator Keys

These accelerator keys are supported:

Other Comments

This sections contains miscellaneous additional information about using gbMultiViewer.

INI File
gbMultiViewer saves all of it's options in an INI file, which is placed in the same folder as the EXE. Optionally, the viewer dialog can also save an INI. The user can choose which INI to use. The gbMultiViewer INI explicitly determines viewer settings, whereas the viewer INI maintains session settings (such as keeping track of the position/size of the viewer dialog).

Comments and suggestions are welcome!