gbOfficeTimer is an easy to use freeware application.

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gbOfficeTimer uses a single main screen, consisting of a toolbar ...

Additionally, context menus are provided for each text source.

Feature List

gbOfficeTimer provides a variety of features.

Using gbOfficeTimer

Using gbOfficeTimer couldn't be simpler.
  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2

That's it.


Most gbOfficeTimer features or settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Button 1
Description 1 Button 2
Description 2

Pressing the Setting button will ...

Pressing the down arrow next to the Settings button will display a context menu with the following options.

Option 1
Description 1

Option 2
Description 2

Context Menu

The context menu consists of these options ...

Context Option 1
Description 1

Context Option 2
Description 2

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbOfficeTimer features:


As part of it's operation, gbOfficeTimer uses or creates several files/folders, as follows:

Only one subfolder is used by gbOfficeTimer:

folder1 deswcription

These text files are created by gbOfficeTimer:

file 1
file1 description

file 2
file2 description

Other Comments

Misecellaneous information is provided in this section.

When gbOfficeTimer starts, it restores the previous session content.

INI File
gbOfficeTimer application settings are saved in an INI file, kept in the same folder as the gbOfficeTimer application.

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