gbPoints provides an incredibly simple way to plot 3D points. Just paste in a list of points, given by XYZ coordinates and gbPoints will plot the data. You can adjust or view the resulting plot in a variety of ways, including manual and automatic rotation of the image.

gbPoints can plot mesh lines between arrays of points (in Version 2, gbPoints will recognize Lines and Triangles model data).

Online updates are supported.

Key gbPoints features include:

  • Plots 3D data points (Ver 2 will include line and triangle model data)
  • Built-in equation editor to generate points of form Z=f(x,y)
  • Manual and automatic rotation of models on any axis
  • Manual creation of models (type in point/line/triangle data)
  • Mouse-based creation of models
  • Lathe mode for automatic generation of symmetric models
  • Online Help
  • Online Update
Download (ver 1.1, 0.8M) (change history)



gbPoints consists of a single window with four main areas - toolbars, model data listing, 3D image picturebox, and Equation Editor.

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Toolbar Options

The following functions are available on the top toolbar:

The following functions are available on the bottom toolbar:

Model Data Listing
gbPoints models are stored in a text file. The first two lines consist of the title (line 1) and model setting (line 2), as follows:

The rest of the text file consists of any number of the following lines, corresponding to data about points, lines and triangles:

An sample of lines from the galaxy.txt sample model are:

    500 0 0 22 22
    P0 -1793 -2 2818 255
    P1 2355 0 -1732 255
    P2 1012 17 -1732 255
    P3 -184 -603 195 255
    P4 919 -910 -106 255
    P5 2377 -5 864 255
    P6 -129 0 6191 255

Note: gbPoints reads, and numbers, points/lines/triangles as it reads them in the model text file. The number behind the "P/L/T" is not necessary and will be ignored by gbPoints. Using it does provide the user with an easier way to manually edit or check data in the model file.

Equation Editor
gbPoints is distributed with a sample set of equations. The equations can be accessed using the dropdown list. The list of equations is found in the file 'gbEquations.txt', located in the gbPoints installation directory. The file can be edited manually. Or, equations may be edited using the Equation Editor.

Any existing equation can be edited by simply changing the equation in the textbox of the dropdown list. Changes made to an equations are saved automatically when the equation is Drawn.

The Equation Editor contains the following settings:

The equation editor supports the following Operators and General Functions:


+     ^     !     <=
-     %     >     !=
*     &     >=    ==
/     |     <

General functions:

abs            cosh       max(x,y,z,..)    sum(x,y,z,..)
acos           fact       min(x,y,z,..)    tan
asin           floor      rand()           tanh
atan           hex        rand(min,max)
avg(x,y,z,..)  if         round
bin            isNaN      sin
ceil           log        sinh
cos            log10      sqrt