gbPrintPreview allows programmers to add print preview of text files to their applications. A DLL version of gbPrintPreview is available and can be easily added to easily applications with only a few modifications to the calling application. Source code is also available, allowing gbPrintPreview features to be integrated directly into PowerBASIC applications." A stand alone file viewer, which demonstrates gbPrintPreview features, is also included in the gbPrintPreview distribution file.

Preview of files can be done at various zoom factors, up to 400%. Header and footers are supported, each with the option to include text or images. Printer selection, margin setting, portrait/landscape selection, page numbering are just a few of gbPrintPreview's features. Printing of individual pages, a page range, or the entire document is supported.

Download (v5.0, 2.1MB)

gbPrintPreview uses a single window, consisting of a toolbar and a display of one page from the text document.

Feature List

gbPrintPreview provides a variety of features.

Using gbPrintPreview

gbPrintPreview ...


Most gbPrintPreview features and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Settings Dialog

Pressing the Settings button will display the following dialog. Changes may be saved and applied on exit from the dialog, or, changed may be made effective while the dialog is being displayed.

Main Body

Content of the header and footer settings sections are identical, so on

Content of the footer and header sections are identical. See the headers description above for a description of the foot settings options.

Preview Context Menu

The following context menus options are available by right-clicking over the preview area.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbPrintPreview features:

Other Comments

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