gbQuickNotes allows a user to selectively save and retrieve text that has been copied to the clipboard. Unlike clipboard monitors, which archive all content sent to the clipboard, gbQuickNotes allows the user to be selective as to which information it captures.

After copying text content to the clipboard in the usual way (such as Ctrl-C), the user simply double clicks the gbQuickNotes capture icon to add the current clipboard content to the gbQuickNotes database. The action takes place in the background and no application window is displayed.

At any time, the gbQuickNotes application may be opened to view, copy, edit, or delete items from the database.

Download (v1.0, 136KB)

To install, just unzip the contents of the distribution file into a folder of its own!

Feature List

gbQuickNotes provides a variety of features.

Using gbQuickNotes

Using gbQuickNotes consists of two basic steps:


All gbQuickNotes features and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbQuickNotes features:

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