gbRider is an addictive game, similar in play to the Line Rider game that was popular in the mid-2000's. In gbRider, a unicycle rolls down a track that is drawn by the user with a mouse. A variety of play options are available to allow easy creation of the track and to allow changes to the way that the rider behaves.

Download (v1.0, 1.0MB)

To install, just unzip the contents of the distribution file into a folder of its own!

gbRider uses a single window, consisting of a toolbar and a graphic control which displays the track and rider.

Feature List

gbRider provides a variety of features.

Using gbRider

Using gbRider is pretty darn simple. Just draw tracks (red lines) with by dragging the left mouse. Erase track by dragging the right mouse, or erase and entire line by double clicking on a line with the right mouse. Then press play and watch the rider (unicycle) traverse the track!

If a rider goes off the end of a line, he will fall to his doom. But to save him, you can draw another line in his fall path. Once he falls to the new line, he will continue riding.


All gbRider features and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbRider features:

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