gbSendMail provides a simple way of sending emails without the need for a complicated email client. The user needs to supply only the minimum amount of information - SMTP server and login information, recipient, and subject/body of the email - then presses Send to send the email.

Internally, gbSendMail has several methods by which it can send emails. For a typical user, the default settings should meet most needs.

However, gbSendMail provides programmers with a test bed for evaluating their own code for sending email. See the "Programmer" section below for more details.

Download (v1.0, 0.2MB)

To install, just unzip the contents of the distribution file into a folder of its own!

Feature List

gbSendMail provides a variety of features.

Using gbSendMail

Using gbSendMail is pretty darn simple. Just enter the SMTP server and login information, the recipient email, and the subject/body to be sent. Then press "Send" on the toolbar. That's it!


All gbSendMail features and settings are accessed through the toolbar buttons.

Settings Dropdown Menu

The Toolbar Settings button provides the following dropdown menu items:

There are no custom settings associated with the Blat approach. The Blat DLL does offer additional settings, but they are not implemented by gbSendEmail.

Custom TCP
The following settings are specific to the email solution written by Wayne Diamond.

Custom Class
The following settings are specific to the email solution written by Paul Squires.

... not yet implemented in gbSendEmail.


For each email sent, gbSendMail places a copy of the To, Subject, and Body values into a special file, "history.txt", which may be displayed.

Double-click on an item in the History list to copy the information to the main screen, close the History dialog and return to the main screen.

A History list context menu is available which will remove all but the 5 most recent emails in the list.

Default User Settings

The Ctrl-F key combination can be used to save the current user settings (those visible on the gbSendMail screen). Then, the Ctrl-R key combination can be used to restore those settings at any time.

The settings are kept in the file "files\settings.txt".

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following key combinations are available to the user to access gbSendMail features:


gbSendMail currently contains two methods of sending an email quickly - by providing a wrapper for the public domain Blat DLL, and via a custom set of functions posted by Wayne Diamond. I've yet to try out a third solution posted by Paul Squires but hope to do so shortly.

The Blat developers created a command line EXE as well as a DLL for use within other applications. gbSendMail uses the 236KB DLL.

Wayne Diamond released a pair of functions. His SendMail function, coded to use PowerBASIC TCP commands does most of the work, while his Base64enc procedure provides encoding as needed within the SendMail function.

Other Comments

Comments and suggestions are welcome!