gbSnippets is an easy-to-use freeware utility that can save and organize any kind of text information - if you can type it, gbSnippets can store it, including single-line and multi-line data. It includes powerful search features that enable you to quickly locate the information you need! Use it for phone numbers, birthdays, recipes, group lists, diaries (encryption is supported) - anything you want to save and search! gbSnippets provides the ability to share your information via email or by exporting the information as HTML to post on the web!

Key gbSnippets features:

- Tree-Style Organization
- Powerful Search (AND, OR)
- File Encryption
- Active URLs
- Multiple Layouts
- Custom Fonts/Colors
- Export via HTML/Email
- Bookmarking
- Date/Time Stamping
- Library Synchronization
- Online Updates

Download (v1.8, 3.5MB)
OnLine Help

Snippet Libraries
gbSnippets is distributed with three snippet libraries of general interest, containing the following information:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Area Codes
  • Federal Agencies
  • Movie Recommendations
  • Science Fiction Books

Updates to the libraries are posted online. You can use the server synchronization features of gbSnippets to check the online libraries for upates.

If you wish, you can also manually download the latest libraries. To download a copy to your PC, use a right-mouse click and select "Save Target/Link As ...". If you just left-mouse click on the links, the file will open in your browser. The files are text, but since they are in a special format they won't be easy to read.

Games & Graphics & More
As a special bonus, gbSnippets provides several built-in games and graphics programs to provide you with amusements for those moments when you get bored - work a while, play a while! There are also some very useful, but simple to use, financial planning tools

Here's what is currently in gbSnippets.

  • Text Stereograms
  • Mosaic Stereograms
  • 3D Models/Lathe
  • Lifetime Financial Planner
  • Stock Market Simulator

Programmer Source Code Library Support
gbSnippets also offers a special set of optional features for programmers. It is a powerful code librarian with syntax highlighting and other editing features and software analysis tools specifically written to work with source code. Multiple languages are supported and snippet libraries are provided for several languages.

The programmer/code librarian features are hidden by default - kept out of the way unless needed - but available at the press of single button!

Change Log
Here's the history of significant changes to gbSnippets.