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gbSnippets 2.0

gbSnippets is an easy-to-use freeware source code librarian for PowerBASIC programmers. It comes with a library of almost 1000 code examples for the PowerBASIC language and provides search features that enable you to quickly locate the code you need.

To install v2.1, just unzip the download file into a folder of its own. The v1.x and v2.x library files are compatible, but major changes made in v2.1 make it necessary to place the two versions in separate folders. You may install both versions on your PC.

Application Features
gbSnippets provides a variety of features which make it useful for managing libraries of source code or any text information.
  • Tree-style Organization
  • Powerful search (AND, OR)
  • Export to HTML
  • Bookmarking
  • Code analysis tools
  • Script commands
  • Code insertion
  • Online updates
  • Send code to PowerBASIC IDE
  • Compile/run snippets directly
  Advanced Code Editor
The code editor provides state-of-the-art editing features which maximize your productivity, including Intellisense-like features. I use gbSnippets to edit all of the code that I write!
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Line Numbers
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Intellisense-like features
  • Code folding
  • Indentation guidelines
  • AutoIndentation
  • Active URLs
  • Greenbar effect
  • Brace Highlighting

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

New in v2.1!

A key goal in releasing version 2 was to provide a better editor - more modern, time-saving, useful features and a more stable editing experience. Here are some of the improvements added in the v2.0/2.1 releases.

  • Advanced Editor Features
    line numbers, code folding, Intellisense-like editing (call tips and autocompletion), brace highlighting, autoindentaiton and indentation guides - including special handling of TAB/backspace at left side of lines
  • Compile/Run Snippets
    execute snippets by directly calling the PowerBASIC compiler
  • Greenbar Effect
    adding alternating background line colors as visual guide for the eyes (my personal favorite!)
  • Code Formatting
    format entire snippets with standard indentation
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
    limited only by available memory
  • Direct Compiling
    now you can compile and execute your snippets without first opening up the PowerBASIC editor (the option to open code in the PowerBASIC IDE is still supported)
  • Code Insertion Library
    a library of source code blocks which can be easily inserted into any snippet
  • Navigation
    as with Internet browsers, you can now move from snippet to snippet in the order which you've visited them
  • Toolbar Enhancements
    larger, more descriptive toolbar icons and text eliminated from toolbar
  • User Tools
    feeding snippets to external applications for code assessment, starting with PBCodec
  • Quick Open
    easy access to available snippet libraries from dropdown menu on toolbar

Features Eliminated

Simplification of the user interface was also a key goal for v2.0. To that end, I eliminated a wide range of lesser features, toolbar icons, and menu items that I found were simply rarely used, or were not implemented well enough to draw user interest. The following list identifies those features I've removed. I'll be happy to entertain requests to restore features, although some features, such as server synchronization, will be implemented as stand alone applications, but accessible from within gbSnippets.

  • All of the graphic "amusements"
  • Server synchronization
  • Snippet side-by-side comparisons
  • Email list option
  • IDE+ (insertion of selection into template, and then into PB IDE environment
  • Bookmarks on the toolbar (bookmarks still supported from menus)
  • Multiple programming language support (only PowerBASIC is now supported)
  • Custom fonts/sizes/colors
  • Import snippets directly from files
  • Password protection of snippet files
  • Hiding of programmer features
  • Alarms/Timers
  • Snippet time stamping
  • Backup/restore
  • Proportional splitterbar position
  • Alternate layouts
  • Option to "hide" programmer features
  • Display of Tree icons
  • Option to hide "root" of tree
  • Calculator/Character display menu options
  • Removal of QuickOpen toolbar icons (replaced with dropdown list next to "Open" button)
  • Daily message from author
  • Comment spell checking

Revision History

Here are some of the more recent changes. As you can see, since the initial release there's been a small flurry of updates where I've either added something a user has requested (brace highlighting, font selection), changed how a feature worked (print and export) or simply fixed a few things that weren't working the way they should.

Be sure to update to the latest version to get the latest features and fixes!

  • 9/17 - v2.13
    fixed: Win7 Aero mode display problem with GoTo dialog
    added: POFFS menu (runs poffs\poffs2.exe file, if found in subfolder)
  • 9/16 - v2.12 - fixed: Removed HotKey Ctrl-S (inteferes with other apps)
  • 9/09 - v2.11 - fixed: changes to case style were not persistent between sessions
  • 9/07 - v2.10
    added: folder import (aimed specifically towards importing PowerBASIC sample folder!)
    added: go to line (Ctrl-G)
    added: improved Tree summary
    added: Action menu to display Compiler/Include paths
    fixed: compile/run correctly handles DLL creation
    fixed: selection following Code Formatting corrected
    fixed: file drop now accepted by Tree
    fixed: About dialog test flashing eliminated
    fixed: margin now restored following setting Font
  • 9/02 - v2.08 - added: basic autoindentation
  • 9/01 - v2.07 - fixed: compiler server filepath selection not saved on exit
  • 9/01 - v2.06 - added: font selection, print/export improvements
  • 8/31 - v2.05 - fixed: menu Exit didn't ask to save changes
  • 8/31 - v2.05 - added: script command "..font" to select custom font
  • 8/30 - v2.04 - fixed: editor didn't get focus on ESC from Find dialog
  • 8/30 - v2.03 - fixed: ESC could remove Tree title
  • 8/30 - v2.02 - added: brace highlighting
  • 8/29 - v2.01 - fixed: cancel printing caused error
  • 8/29 - v2.00 - major release, emphasis on text editor improvements