gbWebCamLite - Online Help
This page provides the latest online Help information for gbWebCamLit (5.5). gbWebCamLite is a freeware program which provides an extremely easy-to-use method for capturing images from a webcam and transferring the images to a server for display on a web page. Features include:

  • webcam preview
  • JPG image capture
  • user-defined capture intervals
  • single-shot/continuous transfers
  • title/time captions
  • HTML page generation
  • voice announcements
  • email images
  • multiple device support
  • borders around images
  • Online updates

     Overview     Menu Selections     Settings
Also available is gbWebCam, a more powerful version. Its features include image overlays, motion detection, scheduling of image captures/transfers, AVI capture and playback (including audio), special image effects, image archives, and much more. An activation key can be purchased for only $20. You can pay by PayPal or by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover)

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gbWebCamLite Overview

gbWebCamLite consists of a single window from which all features may be accessed. The main window displays a preview of the webcam, the most recently captured image, caption settings and various other settings.

The common functions beneath the video preview window are Start, Stop, Reset, Countdown Timer, Capture, and status listbox. Note: the Start/Stop function is supplied by the same button. Its label changes to reflect the function it will perform.

gbWebCamLite can upload images to the server in two ways - automatically at the end of a timed interval, or immediately by pressing the Capture button.

Menu Options
Copy (WebCam)
Copy (Last Capture)
Email Image
Browse Local HTML
Browse Server HTML
Email Author
Freeware Web Site
Online Help
Online Update

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Menu Options

gbWebCamLite provides File, Options, and Help menu selections.

The File menu selections include:

The Options menu selections include:

The Help menu offers the following selections.

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gbWebCamLite settings are separated into two groups, as listed below:

Captions (title and text)

Web Site / Settings