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GBIC >> Freeware >> gbWebCamLite Help

gbWebCamLite - Online Help
This page provides the latest online Help information for gbWebCamLit (5.5). gbWebCamLite is a freeware program which provides an extremely easy-to-use method for capturing images from a webcam and transferring the images to a server for display on a web page. Features include:

  • webcam preview
  • JPG image capture
  • user-defined capture intervals
  • single-shot/continuous transfers
  • title/time captions
  • HTML page generation
  • voice announcements
  • email images
  • multiple device support
  • borders around images
  • Online updates

     Overview     Menu Selections     Settings
Also available is gbWebCam, a more powerful version. Its features include image overlays, motion detection, scheduling of image captures/transfers, AVI capture and playback (including audio), special image effects, image archives, and much more. An activation key can be purchased for only $20. You can pay by PayPal or by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover)

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gbWebCamLite Overview

gbWebCamLite consists of a single window from which all features may be accessed. The main window displays a preview of the webcam, the most recently captured image, caption settings and various other settings.

The common functions beneath the video preview window are Start, Stop, Reset, Countdown Timer, Capture, and status listbox. Note: the Start/Stop function is supplied by the same button. Its label changes to reflect the function it will perform.

gbWebCamLite can upload images to the server in two ways - automatically at the end of a timed interval, or immediately by pressing the Capture button.

Menu Options
Copy (WebCam)
Copy (Last Capture)
Email Image
Browse Local HTML
Browse Server HTML
Email Author
Freeware Web Site
Online Help
Online Update

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Menu Options

gbWebCamLite provides File, Options, and Help menu selections.

The File menu selections include:

  • Save as BMP/GIF/JPG
    Save the most recently captured image under the selected format
  • Copy (WebCam)
    Copy the current image to the clipboard (without captions)
  • Copy (Last Capture)
    Copy the most recently captured image, with captions/frames/overlays per user settings
  • Print
    Print the image (normal size, one-up, top/left on the page)
  • Email Captured Image
    Open an email for sending the image. The last captured image is automatically sent to the clipboard and must be manually added to the new email that is created.
  • Exit
    Close gbWebCamLite.

The Options menu selections include:

  • Source
    Opens dialog window that allows selection of the video source
  • Format
    Opens dialog window that allows selection of the size of the image that will be transferred. gbWebCamLite will display images up to 320x240 only, but will correctly transfer larger image to the server.
  • Browse Local Single-Image HTML Page
    Displays a web page with the most recently captured image, with captions as set by the user. The file displayed resides on the users PC.
  • Browse Server Single-Image HTML Page
    Displays a web page with the most recently captured image, with captions as set by the user. The file displayed resides on the users server.

The Help menu offers the following selections.

  • Email Author
    Calls up the user's default email software with a message addressed to the author of gbWebCamLite.
  • Web Site
    Opens the default browser at Gary Beene's Freeware Information Center
  • Online Help
    Opens the default browser at the gbWebCamLite Online Help page.
  • Online Updates
    Opens a dialog window from which the latest version of gbWebCamLite can be downloaded.
  • About
    Shows the revision level of the installed version of gbWebCamLite

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gbWebCamLite settings are separated into two groups, as listed below:

Captions (title and text)

  • Title
    User-defined text caption to be placed on the image when it is transferred. The time caption is automatically generated.
  • Font Name
    Dropdown selection of any font installed on the PC
  • Font Size
    Dropdown selection of font size for title and time captions, limited to 6-20 points
  • Frame Size
    Dropdown selection of the border size. The border will be contained within the image dimensions. Frame thickness of 2-20 pixels are supported.
  • Time/Title Caption
    Enables display of the time or title caption over the captured image
  • Split/Reverse
    By default the time is printed above the title, both at the top of the page. The split option places the time at the top of the image and the title at the bottom of the page. The reverse setting exchanges position of the time and title captions.
  • Bold/Italic
    Sets format of title and time captions as bold or italic
  • Underscore
    Sets format of title and time captions as underscore
  • Transparent
    Determines if the backgrounds of the title and time captions are transparent
  • Centered
    Centers the title and time captions
  • Frames
    Enables application of the frame to the capture images
  • Auto-Refresh
    When checked, automatically presses the 'Capture' command whenever a capture setting is changed. Note: I suggest that you disable FTP while adjusting the caption settings, then enable it once you're happy with the settings.
  • FG/BG/Frames
    Opens color dialog window to select colors for foreground (text color), background (color behind the text) and the frame. The colored background is only displayed if the Transparent setting is not checked.
Web Site / Settings
  • Server
    The name of the server to which the image will be transferred.
  • Folder
    The folder on the server to which the image will be transferred. The local files is always named "gbfreecam.jpg". It is renamed during the transfer to the server.
  • p_h
    Some servers do not allow a URL to contain "public_html" where this is the root directory for a user. Selecting this will cause gbWebCamLite to delete the "public_html" from the URL used to view the HTML pages.
  • User/Psw
    The user name and password needed to access the server
  • Image File
    File name of the image, on the user's PC and on the server.
  • HTML/Psw
    Name of HTML file to be placed on the local PC and the remote server for viewing the most recently transferred image. The HTML page generated for viewing archive images is named "archive_" plus the remote file name. If an entry is made for the password, a visitor to the page must enter the password to be able to view the page. Note: This is a weak security measure. It will keep out the typical visitor but there are methods around this approach.
  • Enable FTP
    Enables FTP transfer of the file to the server, but allows all other operations to function. Use this to preview the effects of caption and border settings before committing to a transfer of the images to the server.
  • Single-Shot
    Pauses gbWebCamLite after a single image transfer
  • Silent Operation
    Disables the warning and transfer sounds, including the beep that is used if the sound files names are invalid
  • Interval
    Dropdown selection of pre-specified intervals, ranging from 5 seconds to 60 minutes. The time may also entered manually in two ways, through the countdown text box (next to the Start button) or in the Custom textbox. Only the value entered in the Custom textbox will be kept for the next session. Time may be entered as seconds or in a mm:ss format. gbWebCamLite will convert all entries to the mm:ss format.