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Web Sites
Especially since PowerBASIC documentation is so scarce (one book plus the Help file), web sites are an excellent way to get more information on the language.

Unfortunately, the number of PowerBASIC-specific web sites is rather small. Despite their low numbers, there are several web sites dedicated to PowerBASIC programming issues which are worth the time and effort to visit on a regular basis. Here are my recommendations for PowerBASIC-specific sites.

Top Sites
With a few hundred site to choose from, which ones should you start with and which have the most content? Here's my pick of the most useful sites.

Don't forget to check out the vendor web sites on my tools page. The vendors listed on the tools page are NOT listed here, except where the vendor page has information or value other than the vendor's products!

  • PowerBASIC Home Page
    The home page for powerbasic - online Help, vendor listings, source code downloads, technology tutorials and very active forums. I'd say the forums are easily the most useful part of the site, particularly when it comes to source code discussions.

    The site needs more introductory material and commented source code oriented towards beginners. The forums serve most of this purpose, but a more organized approach would be helpful to newbies.

    There are a ton of downloads, but unfortunately many are somewhat old so you'll have to filter through them all to find useful content.

  • Jose Roca Software
    Tools, libraries, controls, headers, examples and articles on Windows programming with PowerBASIC. The freeware SED editor is a key item available from the site.

    The are also several PowerBASIC forums - not with the volume as that at the PowerBASIC home site, but on a variety of Windows programming topics discussed from the viewpoint of a PowerBASIC programmer.

    There are also several referecence sections - compilations of materials on a very wide range of Windows programming.

  • Borje Hagsten's Files
    Home of POFFS - offline search of PowerBASIC forums thru Aug 2007. Plus lots of source code examples

  • FredShack
    It's just one page - a very long page. There's a short discussion about PowerBASIC, a good discussion on tools a PowerBASIC programmer needs. There's also a good number of source code examples.

    The site also have a very lengthy number of articles on a very wide range of programming/internet topics. You'll want to read several of these, even though they are not specific to PowerBASIC.

    The site hasn't been updated in a while and several of the links are not longer valid.

  • Buff's QuickBasic/PowerBASIC Page
    Almost 100 source code examples, including whole apps, not just snippets, covering a wide range of topics - tools, business apps, tips, libraries, games, and graphics.

    There's a big emphasis on QuickBasic (including a lengthy tips section) and PowerBASIC for DOS.

Additional PowerBASIC Site Listings
These additional sites are also good sources for tools, source code, or discussion. These tend to have less content, although the content may be excellent.

Within each ranking (3-star, 2-star, ...), sites are listed in alphabetical order.

  • DASoft BASIC Code, Tips & Tricks
    Over 25 various utility apps, with source code

  • Hutch's Home Page
    Freeware tools and games - editors, assembler tools and tutorials, and a variety of apps to facilitate creating windows from within PowerBASIC applications.

  • IFX Group PowerBASIC Source Code
    About 40 utility applications and source code - networking, file/folder access, smtp/pop3 routines, and even a game. Source code for determining directory sizes, finding duplicate files, and searching sub-directories are provided.

  • PowerBASIC Functions
    About 20 source code examples for a variety of functions - dates, strings, printing, file processing progress indicator, parsing, and text-to-HTML.

  • PowerBLua
    Using LUA within PowerBASIC applications

  • RValois Informatica
    Nine programs and PowerBASIC source code - chess, simple games, editable ListView, neural network, oscilloscope, zip compress/decompress, index manager and DX8 Include for PB.

  • Sam's HomePage
    Source code for about 20 PowerBASIC programs by Sam, including IconEditor, games and screen savers. Also about 40 GW-Basic programs - mostly graphics and games.

  • Shannon's Tools
    Command line utilties written in PowerBASIC (source code provided) - files/directory commands, search files, HTML to text, and more.

  • BasicROCKS
    Four page primer on CGI Programming with PowerBASIC.

  • Dracula's Powerbasic Units
    Good sized collection of utilities, limited to PB 3.5 for DOS.

  • Freeware Tools for PowerBASIC and FreeBasic
    Two tools - Basic Editor and Win32 Resource Linker. The editor shows how to implement syntax highlighting in PowerBASIC.

  • Gary Peek's BASIC Source Archive
    Very useful information to help newbies understand some of the more confusing topics in PowerBASIC, plus sourcecode for a few useful PowerBASIC programs.

  • KGP Software
    PowerBASIC Utilities Toolkit - useful selection of tools for PowerBASIC programmers

  • M4Ware
    Book chapters (5) plus free Visual MetaFourGL for Windows (Visual Designer)

  • PowerBASIC Crypto Archives
    Cryptographic emphasis - lots of source code

  • PowerBASIC Archives
    About 10 source code examples - graphics (Direct Draw and OpenGL), VB forms to PB, FTP routines and a few others. Releases stopped around PowerBASIC v6.

  • PowerBASIC Page
    Source code for a dozen or so graphics, POV, and game apps. Written with PowerBASIC v3.x.

  • Shannon's Tools
    About 30 utilities, variety of topics, with source code

  • TextPad PowerBASIC Syntax File
    Syntax files for TextPad programmer's text editor. Circa PowerBASIC v6.x.

  • TextPad PowerBASIC Syntax File
    Syntax files for TextPad programmer's text editor. Circa PowerBASIC v6.x.

  • jcfuller software solutions
    Handful of dated PowerBASIC applications - project utilities, zip interface, and debug print.

  • Utility Programs with PowerBASIC
    Command line utilities with source code - hardware, communication, crypto and drive search.

  • WikiPedia - PowerBASIC
    Very brief overview of PowerBASIC. Pretty minimal entry as compared to other language coverage.

  • QED Software
    Just a couple of downloads with source code

  • Ridge Software
    Just a couple of downloads (source code) - registry tool DLL is the highlight.

Because PowerBASIC is a BASIC dialect, programmers can find a lot of useful information at sites which cover other BASIC dialects. Conversions may be required, but can be minimal and well worth the time.

The QBasic section of my site has a large BASIC site listing you'll want to check out, including one for the home page for Ethan Winer, a familiar author of BASIC materials.

Visual Basic 6 Sites
Visual Basic code can be very useful to PowerBASIC programmers. The code is easy to read and conversion is not very difficult. All of the following sites offer tutorials on programming topics, source code, sample projects, and programming tools/utilities.

  • a1vbcode
    Over 5000 code examples. Forums. Mailing list.

  • freevbcode
    Over 3,000 code examples. Forums. Newsletters. Top code listing.

  • mvps
    Home for a dozen or more MVPS individuals. Excellent discussion and source code, very broad coverage.

  • vbcode
    Over 10,000 code examples.

  • andreavb
    Hundreds of examples, controls, tutorials, tips, active forums. Quality mid-sized site.

  • vb-helper
    Several hundred code examples, graphics emphasis. A personal favorite of mine.

  • vbaccelerator
    Hundreds of examples, projects, controls. Not so large, but good content. Latest updates 2004.

  • vbcity
    Forum emphasis (very active), but with a few hundred source code examples.

  • vbexplorer
    Hundreds of examples, controls, tutorials, tips, active forums. Quality mid-sized site.

  • vbcodesource
    Hundreds of examples. Tutorials. Controls.

Programming Sites - General
Most popular multi-language sites do not cover BASIC dialects, with the usual exception of VB6. These sites do provide source code and sometimes forums, but PowerBASIC programmers will have to search hard to find something of interest. These sites would generally be the last place a PowerBASIC programmer would look. They're very popular, just not with BASIC dialect programmers.

Frequency of Visits
How often should a programmer review favorite sites?

The easy answer is that once every 1 week is plenty often to keep you abreast of the site offerings. If you find a topic of interest, particularly one that applies to a project your are, or will be, working on then more time can be justified. If you were to visit all your favorite sites every day, spending 1-2 hours in the process, then you're there for fun, not for professional reasons (which, of course, is ok - but not necessarily the best use of your time).