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gbLinkChecker is an easy-to-use application for validating a list of links. The user just pastes in a list of links and presses the "Check Links" button. Each link is given an icon to visually identify the link as a valid or bad link. Links with no icon has not been tested. A link list may also be read in from a file.

Download (v1.2, 126K)

Feature List

Here's a summary of the key features offered by gbLinkChecker.

These, and other gbLinkChecker features are discussed in the following sections.


The gbLinkChecker toolbar consist of the following buttons:

Context Menu

gbLinkChecker provides the following context menu for the list link.

Operational Notes

To stop checking a list of links, press the ESC key

When links are appended from the clipboard, they are placed at the end of the link list. The list is not automatically sorted to current sort settings. However, the link list is sorted when a new session starts.

There is no Save As feature.

Some possible future settings:

gbLinkChecker automatically saves the current link list between sessions. The link list file contains the selection status, validation status, and the link name.

A link file that is to be opened can contain a simple list of links. gbLinkChecker will read the file and convert it to the status/validation/name structure. When saved automatically between sessions, the file will contain the full structure.

Accelerator Keys

These accelerator keys are supported:


Miscellaneous information is provided in this section.

When gbLinkChecker starts, it restores the previous session content.

INI File
gbLinkChecker application settings are saved in an ANI file, kept in the same folder as the application.

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