gbWebCamLite is a fully functional freeware program which provides an extremely easy-to-use method for capturing images from a webcam and transferring the images to a server for display on a web page. Features include:
  • webcam preview
  • JPG image capture
  • countdown or immediate image capture
  • extensive caption options, including
    title/time, borders, colors, transparency
    font control and more
  • HTML page generation
  • single-shot/continuous transfers
  • email images to multiple users
  • Online updates
         Download gbWebCamLite   (ver 5.5, 1.3MB)    OnLine Help   
Also available is gbWebCam, a more powerful version. Its features include image overlays, motion detection, scheduling of image captures/transfers, AVI capture and playback (including audio), special image effects, image archives, and much more. An activation key can be purchased for only $20.