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Stereogram Books
While there is a ton of information on the web, nothing beats a books for providing the greatest detail on a topic. I also find the mobility of a book to be indispensible - I can read and learn whereever I go.

The bad news is that the heyday of stereograms has somewhat passed. The 1990's saw a flurry of activity - corresponding to the technical developments which made stereograms possible.

The good news is that the books that were written are just as relevant today, as they were when they were written!

Recreational Viewing (Images)

  • Incredible Stereogram Eye Tricks (2005)
    Gary Priester, Gene Levine
    Chartwell Books
    ISBN 0-785820-55-8

    Review in work ...

  • Stereogram (2002)
    Howard Rheingold
    VIZ Media LLC
    ISBN 0-929279-85-9

    Review in work ...

Create Your Own Stereogram / Programming Information
  • Create Stereograms on Your PC (1995)
    Dan Richardson
    Waite Group Press
    ISBN 1-878739-75-1

    In a nutshell, the book covers the basic theory and history of stereograms. It also includes quite a few image mostly black and white, but with some color images as well. Most of the book describes how to create stereograms using the eight (8) programs included with the book.

  • Stereogram Programming Techniques (1994)
    Watkins, Mallette
    Charles River Media
    ISBN 1-886801-00-2

    Despite the title, the book spends a great deal of time going over the history of stereograms, including its many variations. Several of the chapters are provided by guest authors, so the book does not provide a consistent thread. The chapters include a great deal of source code and there is a floppy disk with more software and code. I'd like to have seen much more commenting on the code, and on several aspects of the algorithms which were only mentioned in passing.

  • Making Random Dot Stereograms (1994)
    Bob Hankinson, Alfonso Hermida
    Que Publications
    ISBN 1-565299-94-9

    Contains the discussions on stereogram concepts and history, along with various images (B&W as well as color). It effectively uses random text stereograms to explain how a single image stereogram works. In addition to explaining how to use the stereogram generation software that comes with the book, the author spends a fair amount of time showing how to create a depth mask using PaintBrush.