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The language frame lists all languages in the database, the attributes of each language, and the list of tokensets within the language.

Language Attributes
There are four language-level attributes which may be assigned for each language:

  • Case Sensitive
    Determines whether case is considered when tokens are parsed. For example, if case sensitivity is not checked, then 'a' and 'A' (upper and lower case) are treated as the same character.

  • White Space as Parameter Block
    When checked, allows spaces to be used as parameter blocks. For example, most functions use a syntax such as "FunctionName (a,b,c)" - where the parentheses group the arguments of the function. Other languages allow "FunctionName a,b,c", where white spaces are allowed to define the scope of function parameters.

  • Word Characters
    Defines the character used to separate one word (token) from another. Most languages use one or more spaces to define word boundaries. The value of Word Characters is typically given as the regular expression [\s+].

  • Memberlist
    As part of the word completion capability of the CodeMax source code editor, a popup list of words may be displayed to help the user select valid language words without having to type the complete word. Memberlist is the name of the file which contains the allowable, valid word list used in the popu. The file also contains tooltip and prototype/declaration information.

Tokenset List
The list of tokensets in the currently selected language is shown to the right of the language list. When a new language is added it is given a default set of common tokensets. Attributes of the selected tokenset are displayed in the Tokenset Properties frame to the right of the Language Frame.

A tokenset is not included in the XML formatted language definition unless it is selected.

The order of tokensets within a language definition is important because some tokens may fit the definition of one or more tokenset definitions. If so, the first tokenset in the list to which the token applies, will be used to format the token. gbXML provides an easy way to reposition tokensets in the list (moved up or down).